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  • To take reservations, the following information must be sent:
  • Name and surname,
  • Photo of DNI / Passport / Immigration card.
  • Contact telephone number.
  • Affidavit of being in optimal health conditions
  • Hotel and type of room selected.
  • Additionally, give special details that the company will ask you for: food allergies, birthdays or if any participant has any physical limitation.
  • Participants must present optimal health conditions before starting the tour, it is recommended that if they present symptoms or mild discomfort, they should not travel until they are in better condition. A temperature record will be taken prior to boarding.
  • It is a requirement that all passengers wear a mask and face shield throughout the tour. The company will provide gel alcohol, liquid soap, paper towels, shoe disinfectant and emergency Epp kits at all times.
  • All passengers must bring their valid ID or Passport to the trip. According to Law 27337 minors must travel accompanied by at least one of their parents, otherwise they must carry a notarial permit to board.
  • Participation of minors under 12 and over 60 is subject to government regulations for the relevant date.
  • Rates are part of a quote. Sending the quote does not guarantee full confirmation of the services. Rates will only be confirmed at the time of booking.
  • Rates are subject to hotel availability and / or air or land tickets and are valid for any date except public holidays.
  • Once the reservation is made and the air or land tickets have been issued, it is a requirement that the passenger review and verify the information and their data: names, # of documents, nationality, dates, itinerary, notices and others, if there is no objection or correction, it is They will be considered accepted and any non-conformity is under the responsibility of the client.
  • Sierra Verde Perú SAC only acts as an intermediary between the entities that provide the package and / or contracted tourist services; being solely and exclusively responsible for their organization. Therefore, the USER cannot claim responsibility for causes that are outside of its competence.
  • Sierra Verde Perú SAC is not responsible for any damage or delay arising from circumstances beyond its control. These circumstances include, but are not limited to fortuitous causes: natural disasters such as earthquakes, cyclones, storms, hurricanes, floods, fog, etc. As well as causes of force majeure: wars, accidents, strikes, riots, demonstrations or civil commotion, etc.
  • Faced with the situation that we are experiencing regarding Covid-19, Sierra Verde Peru SAC is taking all cleaning and biosafety precautions, as well as adjusting to what the government dictates, both in our facilities, transportation units, and places to to visit. Our staff will fully comply with the protocols.
  • Of the services at destination:
  • The transfers of entry and exit, are according to the reservation either in private or shared, it is necessary to inform in case of delays that they may have to coordinate with the transferor.
  • Hotel check-in is generally at 2:00 p.m. and check-out at 12:00 p.m.
  • Accommodation in hotels will be given according to what is requested, otherwise according to hotel availability.

Of the payments:

Payment must be made in full before the service and report to your agent who took the reservation, to verify and confirm the service.
Payment methods can be by credit card, interbank transfer and / or applications such as Yape, Plin, etc.
For the issuance of the bill of sale or invoice, please send the respective data, DNI number or RUC of the company.

Of postponements, flexible cancellations:

Once the reservation has been paid, if the passenger wishes to postpone, he must communicate at least 24 hours before departure, to coordinate with the respective service providers, transportation, accommodation, guide and others. The reservation is exempt from penalty for changes, while the state of emergency lasts and is subject to a difference in the rate, if any, especially with regard to air or land transportation.

Delivery of travel documentation:

The service vouchers and payment documents will be sent by mail, WhatsApp or the digital means indicated by the client. This should be reviewed and confirmed as soon as you receive it.

  • Insurance:
  • SIERRA VERDE PERU TOUR OPERADOR recommends that you have travel insurance on your trips that can cover the risks inherent to travel (medical insurance, civil liability, cancellation, theft / loss of luggage, etc.).